Monday, November 23, 2009

Weekend Progress: Thrifty Big Lots Deal

We made a lot of progress again this weekend. In addition to Christmas shopping & laundry, we hung some more picutres up, I got Andrew's room completely unpacked & finished, and I got my dining room unpacked.

At Big Lots we got Andrew some new Toy Storage Bins, which were a lot bigger than his old ones (I was able to consolidate 3 bins into 1!), and they cost a lot less than what we'd paid for the smaller ones at Walmart! Not to mention I got $10 off the already low price b/c we took the display model - this was our second time going in there for these bins and them being out of stock, and the last time they had told us they'd have more by last Wednesday... but one of the bars was a little bent, and being the negotiator I am, I got him to sell me the display (which they don't normally do) and knock $10 off the sticker price.

The finishing touches on Ella's room were the pictures & shelf above her changing table (which as yet to be painted white) and the stickers on her cheferobe. And we still have to get some curtains & shorten the cornice board to hang above the window.

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