Monday, November 2, 2009

Moved, Painted (With a DIY Oopsie!), Trick or Treated, Exhausted...

So this weekend, we got all moved in, painted 3 rooms, and are exhausted. I was only going to paint one room, the baby's room... but we had to do touch up in the other two rooms, and I had to try and match the paint on the walls- which was a flat paint, we bought semi gloss... ended up painting both rooms entirely, but I like the semi gloss so much more anyways! :-) (Pictures to come- camera batteries died... and they are packed up somewhere.) We are camping out in the family room and the kids in the living room due to the paint fumes, and our carpet will arrive Thursday, so we won't be able to fully move in to those rooms until then, seeing as I don't want to pay them to move the furniture... So we've started on the little things in addition to painting: replacing door nobs, light bulbs, new ceiling fan for the kitchen, new door stops... We probably made at least 5 trips to Home Depot this weekend!

But our new neighborhood seems to be the Trick or Treating neighborhood; our kids had a blast trick or treating, and we had tons of kids come to our house for candy. Andrew was Iron Man & Ella was Snow White.

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