Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Before/In Progress/Moving Day Pictures!

So I wouldn't really call these before and after pics YET - we aren't 100% finished, but have come a long way and I wanted to share our progress!

Living Room:

We're still missing some furniture (hopefully getting it tomorrow!) And we're still unpacking boxes, but the new carpet & curtians have really made a difference so far, and we have some pretty art from Big Lots that I can't wait to get on the walls!

Master Bedroom:

Our new bedding set also came from Big Lots and was $40 for a 7 piece set, VS the $120 set I had originally picked out online @ Sears... don't min the sloppy job of making the bed- I just threw it together real fast to take a picture, LOL.

Baby's Room (Our Biggest Tranformation -- SO FAR!)

4 Year Old's Room

Sorry I couldn't get a cleaner picture, everyone was playing in there last night!

Moving Day:

Adam & his dad filling the garage with boxes... and it only got fuller, all the way to the front! I can't wait until I can use my garage.

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