Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Today I am Thankful for... holes in my walls?!

So I'm continuing my thankfullness until Thanksgiving challenge. Today's thankful bit goes with our home blog. I am thankful for holes in my walls (but not the one in my roof.) Yesterday hubby ran the cable for our new security system! So of course he had to put holes in walls (even though he accidently put a few extra holes in the walls, and even a small 3/4" drill hole in the roof...) So my house is tore up, and we have new repairs to add to the list (I was less happy with the hole in my son's room that I had JUST painted...) but I am thankful for the holes that are supposed to be there for the security system to be installed. :-) But even more, I'm thankful that we are blessed to have Adam's uncle as our security system provider, so we get everything at cost, and Adam installs it (he used to work for his uncle) so we don't pay labor, and he just comes out and activates it (at no charge.) So grand total for the security system so far (minus the cost of wire b/c they didn't know how much would be used) is $700 - which would have been $500, but we paid an extra $200 for the wireless feature where the monitoring will go to the cell towers... so sorry to those crooks who were planning on cutting the phone line, there won't be one to cut.

But I matched that up to ADT... they are offering a $99 deal, but that only includes something like 1 sensor, 2 window taps, 2 door taps, one panel, and the brains... NOT enough to fully cover any sized home, let alone our 2900 sq ft... To upgrade to what we have with Parkwest, ADT would be well over $1000. We will have full coverage (all doors, most windows, several sensors, hardwired smoke detectors, & two panels.) And with ADT you are required to sign up for their monitoring for 1-2 years, which is $30. Monitoring with Parkwest is $5 if you have the regular phone line monitoring, or $15 if you have wireless. A penny saved is a penny earned. And going with a smaller company like Parkwest is generally cheaper for anyone, not just those of us who get freebies and parts at cost. The monitoring is that cheap for anyone which is a plus b/c you'll be paying for that as long as you want the cops to show up if the alarm goes off...

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