Thursday, November 5, 2009

More Painting & Carpet Install

So last night I painted the trim in the baby's room (regular old pure white - semi gloss, which looks very nice with the Morning Sun yellow shade, also semi gloss), as the carpet arrived today and I wanted to get it all done. Was going to do the trim in the other rooms, but they didn't need it hardly at all-- the spots in our room that do need it will be behind furniture... :-) But I need to find my camera (which is now lost among the moving mess along with the batteries...) We bought some paint thinner, but haven't had time to remove the paint from the sink or tub yet - but Adam did get the drain in the sink pulled out and was able to scrub the paint out of it, so it works again! Pictures to come as soon as remotely possible of some of our improvements & renovations we've made since moving in last Saturday.

This weekend's projects include: moving into the living room & bedrooms now that the carpet is installed; touching up Ella's furniture (we painted white paint over the old varnish, and it got scratched in the move); putting up some wall decor & painting/hanging a couple wall shelves. Also I've determined we do need a valance for the kitchen window- when the painted they not only left behind the stove white, but around the window b/c they had a valance up... LOL

We are finally going to the grocery tonight to stock the house... we've been with very little food for a few weeks now & my stomach is sick of eating out... ready to have my kitchen back! I ordered the pantry a few days ago, it should come next week hopefully!

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  1. the color combo for the baby's room is very sweet!