Friday, November 20, 2009

Introducing the Family & Home

So I've blogged & blogged about out home improvements & renovations, I thought I'd introduce the "us" who live in the home a little bit more...

So there's me. Sarah, age 24 (25 in February), mother of 2, I work as a Program Assistant for the Master of Public Health program for Mercer University. I live in Georgia, I've been here going on 5 years. I was born and raised for 19 years in Muncie, IN.  I love music, blogging, home improvement, camping, grilling, being outdoors, photography, and being with my family.

We bought our first home back in 2007, which we knew wouldn't be our permenant space, we just didn't know for how long... well, our son was 3 when baby #2 came along in 2008... We knew once there were two munchkins roaming the house it wouldn't be long before we needed more space... and we had learned that the elementary school district we were in wasn't the best, so we started looking for a new space in 2009.

We found Tiffany Ln, after seeing a few other homes (fell in love with 1, but it was a little too expensive since we hadn't sold the current house...) Well  Tiffany Ln was bigger than the first home by a couple hundred sq ft, and while the basement wasn't finished (probably one reason it was less $) the price was unbeatable (Thank You economy!) Over 2900 sq ft 3 bed/2 bath 10 year old home for $108,900, when they were running closer to $130,000 everywhere else we looked... I asked what's wrong with it? Crazy thing - nothing, other than a recent termite infestation that the sellers had removed quickly and put the house under bond for a year, and according to our inspector and his thermal imaging scan there was no damage. That was it. We didn't ask them for anything else (other than a very small door repair and to have the house cleaned & cobwebs removed from the basement...) And it appraised for $114,000 (with the poor market right now, it's tax assessed value is like $126,000...)

So we went from 1270 sq ft, to 2919 sq ft - what the heck was I to do with all this space?! Well I've managed to fill it up pretty well, and we have a set goal for finishing the basement within a year.

My husband is Adam. He's 25, works for our local cable company (which entails free internet & TV-- our total monthly bill is like $10, and we have high speed & every channel out there - including a few new channels that right now are "employee only" for testing - HAHA!) I love his job. Possibly more than he does...

Hubby is a computer geek (loves his games), is into camping, being outdoors, and spending time with us, his family, and his friends. We met back in 2004 and married in 2005. I promise God brought me to Georgia  for the sole purpose of finding him!

Our kids are Andrew & Ella. Andrew is 4, and Ella is 18 months (1 1/2 years for you men and nonparents out there who are like what's with the month thing?) Andrew is in pre-k. He loves superheros (Iron Man &  Transformers are really in right now with him...) He's loves playing with cars, trains, army men, and the list goes on.

Ella is on a talking spree -- she will accurately repeat  any word you say, even the ones you don't want her to... Oopsie. Some of her favorites are milky, mommy, and the oh so favorite of anyone who hears her say it, sexy.

And last, but not least, is our fur-baby, Bubbles. She is 4 years old and a mini dauschund. She likes to lay in your lap, especially when you least want or need her there (like last night when I was on the floor trying to fold laundry...)

Adam thinks it's funny to shoot her with the toy gun he got at the grocery last weekend (yes I have 3 kids, not just 2.) It's just those little suction things you shoot at the tv or window and they stick... but the poor dog is skiddish enough without having to hide from the husband... she puts up with enough from the real kids! :-)

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