Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Chapter 3: (Basement) If Walls Could Speak...

So I started looking at wall panel for the basement...
I found a moisture resistant smooth panel that should brighten the place up a bit. The first  two white options are a little too bright (ow my eyes!) But the swirl option looks like a winner!

"To make even high-moisture areas beautiful, there isn't a better choice than our Smooth Panel Boards. Finished with a tough, acrylic melamine coating, they resist staining, fading and mildew. Available in three designs, they offer several decorating options for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms and mudrooms. But don't stop there. Let your imagination be the guide (not recommended near bathtubs, sinks or on shower walls – AquaTile is recommended for these applications)."

I really like some of their decorative panels, but we need something moisture resistant. But the whole thing has sparked even more wall decor ideas for the master bath & family entertainment room. Our master bath theme is palm trees, and I think I'd like to surround my garden tub with a wall mural of a beach. The walls on each side of the tub are like 4x6 (give 2 feet for the tub...) or something close to that, so chances are a store bought mural won't cut it since the come pretty standard , and there's a large window on the backside of the tub - which I'd like to add some bamboo blinds. One of my husbands best friends since they were in diapers, his mom keeps my kids during the work day, and his aunt is an excellent artist. I was going to have her paint the characters in Andrew's Room instead of buying the decals, but she was booked up through Christmas, and I didn't want to wait until then.

For the family entertainment room, I'd like to add a large wall mural as well. The walls in that room are plenty large enough for a "store bought" mural. I've gone with a traditional style with my window treatments & matching pillows... I'm not quite sure what I want to go up on the wall, but I know it needs a change!

EDIT: Hubby and I were downstairs last night discussing the basement set up, and he said it'd be cheaper just to buy 4'x8' wood panels to put up...which really makes sense, considering no matter what I get I plan on painting!


  1. Yes sometimes the moisture can treat the building and the walls harmfully and without anyone's knowledge there could be mold developing in and around the house.

  2. We've had the house inspected and there didn't appear to be any mold anywhere, via thermal imaging. Of course we'll thoroughly disinfect before we start putting up walls, and I'm trying to talk hubby into dry locking the cement walls before we do anything else. Just b/c we don't have water issues now doesn't mean we won't ever have it...