Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Christmas Decor Ideas

Since we'll probably still be moving in over the next month, we probably won't do much decor for fall/Thanksgiving... but I'm already starting brainstorm for Christmas, my favorite holiday! I recently bought some *new to me* decorations from a lady at work, and so this year's new theme will be snowmen/snow flakes. I live in Georgia, so snow is very unlikey, and I'd like to do an outdoor winter wonderland them with snowflakes, snowmen, etc. To save money, I usually start of at Big Lots to see what they have, before going to Kmart or Target (where I love their christmas decor!)

With the icey wreath, I want to take some snow flake lights and wrap them around it. The white garland I want to wrap around the posts on the front porch and put some other snow flake lights in the front bay window -- which is also where my tree will be on the inside. Also want to have some snow flake lights on the kid's bedrooms windows since they face the front! I'm also on the hunt for an inexpensive outdoor nativity set! If anyone knows of any let me know. I'm just wanting to start out with Mary, Joseph, & Baby Jesus in a manger under a stable. Not looking to spend more than a couple hundred $$$.

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