Monday, November 9, 2009

Progress & Pain...

So we made good progress this weekend! Unpacked a lot of boxes - the baby is pretty much all moved in, our bedroom only has a couple boxes left, and our son has a few boxes left that we can't unpack until we get some storage bins for his toys! Unpacked/cleaned the kitchen as much as I could until we get our pantry this week, I hope! Moved in & arranged all the furniture (other than what Adam has to pick up from storage on Tuesday), put up the shelves/put together the landry sorter in the laundry room, & put up curtains! Oh the curtains - don't stand on a chair to do this... use a step stool or a ladder. I managed to catch the back of my thigh on the edge of the chair back and it's very sore and bruised! I will not post pictures of that, LOL. But I do know where the batteries are and will be taking pictures of our progress tonight.

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