Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Pantry Design

So we've looked & looked for a stand alone pantry for the kitchen... I had one on order, but it was backordered, and it's a good thing b/c it really isn't want we want, and we can't really find what we want... so hubby is going to build one (apparently he has this carpentry side that is just now coming out after 4 years of marriage), and I'll stain it to match our cabinets - look at the picture on the left, what might one call that stain color? Walnut? Cherry? It's not really "red", I'd say it's more walnut myself...

Here is the layout idea (no where near scale... just a *very* rough sketch) It will be approximately 6ft tall x 3ft wide x 1 1/2ft deep.

I want two layers - the top will be 3 shelves, and the doors will have "can shelves" installed. The bottom will be two pull out shelving units. We will go price everything this weekend, and I will let you know what we're looking at... Our budget is no more than $200, as this was the most I planned to pay for an already built pantry... hope we can stick to it! This will quailfy as our first "real" Do It Yourself projects!

Material list:
1- 3'x6' (or larger) piece of plywood for back
2- 1 1/2' x 6' (or larger) boards (probaby 1/4"-1/2" thick) for sides
5- 1 1/2' x 3' (or larger) boards for bottom, top, middle, & shelves

1- 3'x6' (or larger) piece of wood to cut into the 4 doors
6- 6"x18" boards for can shelves (will need to be 1/2"-1" thick in order to cut down to have an outter lip to keep the cans from falling out)
4- 4'x6" boards for sides of top doors (can shelves frame)
10- door hinges
4- knobs

2 - 1 1/2' x 3' boards for bottom of "drawers"
4- 6"x3' boards for the fronts/backs of the "drawers"
4- 6"x18" boards for the sides of the drawers
sliding drawer hardware

And lastly: interior stain (walnut or cherry - to be determined)

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