Thursday, November 19, 2009

DIY: Make Your Own Magazine Holders

So the hole thing sparked when I needed something to hold all of my son's coloring books. I had hubby put a shelf up above his table (at the old house everything sat on the table and he couldn't really use it.) So then I started thinking of ways to organize everything (coloring & activity books, crayons & markers, drawing paper, etc.) I have an old wipe holder for his crayons & markers - which I think I'll revamp this weekend while I'm on a spray painting kick. For his coloring books I wanted to find a magazine holder, but didn't want to pay for one... I came across these instructions online, and they are perfect as we still have plenty of boxes left from moving!

So this weekend I'm going to either find an old cereal box, or I've seen another website that used cardboard boxes and created 2 holders at once. A little spray paint & some stickers, and wa la! Also on my project list for this weekend is to spraypaint the shelf in my daughter's room white to make them match furniture. :-) Can't wait to add the before & after pics next week! Stay tuned...

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  1. When I taught, we used to made student portfolios out of cereal boxes. It's a great, cheap trick!