Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Saving $$$ This Christmas

So far we've managed to stay within our budget & save some money this Christmas.

We did the big part of the shopping for the kids at Big Lots.

I scored a kitchenette set for $35 for my 18 month old (and an extra set that came with tableware & food for $5 since the kitchen just came w/ cookware), along with an $8 toy stroller & a baby doll with mini basinette basket which was $12.

For our 4 year old son we got an easle (I believe it was $25 or $35) but it's a great easle- well constructed, has a chalk board on one side & I think I dry erase on the other-- there's something on the other side... but it also matches the toy bins we got for his room - it has two bins on the bottom to store art supplies. We also got him some $10-$15 army sets that hubby picked out... and I am ordering his Transformer from amazon.com (he's getting older, it's getting harder to be completely thrifty with his Christmas list...)

We are getting our pictures done at Walmart next weekend - a family Christmas picture & the kid's yearly photo. This will play a big role in our gift giving this year, and we will use the family photo on our Christmas Card.

For immediate family we're doing inexpensive gifts if we know what they want or a gift card. (Don't want to give too much detail, as I have family who read the blog... LOL) But we're staying in our normal Christmas budget of $100 per child, and $20 per family member that we buy for, so I'm proud of us.

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