Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Chapter 6: It has began? begun? started...

It's been several months since my last blog... we hadn't done much on the house to blog about until recently. We have officially started the basement renovation! I'm super excited! Adam has almost finished his little workshop at the far end, and after he's done we'll move on to start finishing the rest of the basement.

The work he's done in the workshop includes finishing the walls (they were already studded & insulated). He just had to add a few more studs to extend the room to include a large storage closet, and he used ply wood for the walls, to give it a "workshoppy" feel. LOL He has to finish the ceiling and build his workbench, then he'll be ready to move his cabinets & tools in.

For the rest of the basement, which has been mostly studded, we just have to add a few more studs, add insulation, and we are going to put up paneling. We're not going to be finishing the ceiling in the main part, as it already sits too low. We will be finishing the floor with tile.

We have a little area closed off under the steps that will be our storm center. Adam is going to add a storm door to the entry way, and we'll keep our emergency supplies down there.