Monday, November 16, 2009

Our Weekend Progress: Learned what takes paint off a sink or tub!

We're offically ALL moved in -- Hubby got the furniture that was being stored at grandmother's, plus our "new" coffee tables that his uncle gave us. My living room is just about put together! The furniture is moved in - just gotta hang the pretty art we got from Big Lots up, and we're getting some lamps from hubby's uncle as well. :-) Got a lot unpacked, swept & vacuumed floors, and cleaned bathrooms.

And if everyone remembers my paint delima... hubby got the clog out of the sink by taking it apart... which uncovered a leaky spot he had to then fix, LOL. But the answer to the paint stuck to the bottom of my tub and sink: AJAX w/ bleach & either a rag & fingernails or one of those stainless steel pads. I had little specks of paint in the bottom of my garden tub, which also had a non slip bottom (so those little bumps)... it tooks some scrubbing, but it came up! And while cleaning the dry paint out of the sink (which was a lot easier w/o the bumps) we found our leak - water came pouring out from the cabinet. But it's all fixed now, and the paint mess is gone!

So now my next question - what's a good remover for rust spots? Have some smaller rust stains on the edge of my sinks & on the counter tops... I had heard something about toothpaste-- tried this, it did not work.

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