Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring Clean & Swing

This past weekend was beautiful! We finally got some rain to wash away the massive amounts of pollen that has kept us indoors with the windows closed for weeks... No point in washing the car - 30 min. later it's completely covered again! You could see pollen clouds (looked like dust from a crop duster) around the trees... but this weekend I was able to open the windows and start my Spring Cleaning. Shampooed the carpets, dusted, swept up the cobwebs, mopped the hard floors... got everything done accept dusting and the carpet in the master bedroom (though I managed to get all my laundry put away and vaccuum the floor for the first time in weeks - I always clean the other rooms before mine, and never get to it), and the family room- which I dusted last weekend. Which isn't 1/2 bad... shampooed three out of four carpets, cleaned both bathrooms, the kitchen, living room, dining room, and the kid's rooms! My back is killing me... And we managed the cut down the swing set that came with the house and was at the bottom of the hill cemented down and overgrown with weeds, vines, trees... and we managed to salvage it! A little soap, water, new screws, and WD40 does wonders. I wish I'd have taken a before picture because it was really bad... But now it's great and the kids love it!
So on the agenda for next weekend is a well needed vacation-trip to my parent's in Valdosta... it will hopefully be hot enough to warm the pool! Saturday I get to endure a family reunion (inlaw's side), but otherwise it will be a much needed restful trip... Because the following weekend it's back to work! This week and next I'll finish inside the house after I get home from work... but then we have outside work to tackle... and boy do I mean tackle. The house was vacant for over a year, so the yard is badly overgrown with weeds... Hubby mowed last weekend, bless his heart, you can no longer tell - it looks worse than it did before he mowed, and this was the first time he'd mowed it since we moved in! YIKES. So weed and seed here we come... In addition to cleaning up the yard we have a back deck & front porch that need pressure washed and a fresh coat of paint... so we have some projects coming up - finally! The blog has been a little dead lately. And hopefully later this summer we'll start on the big basement project!