Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Okay, so I got this idea from another blogger, and Facebook. It's the same challenge going around Facebook, and you may have seen it, and I'm challenging anyone who reads this blog to list something you are thankful for at least once a day until Thanksgiving. I just started this a couple days ago myself on Facebook, and really try to think of something good. We can always be thankful every day for a roof over our head, family, friends...

My first day I was thankful for two things: the fact I finally got my swine flu shot (I work in Public Health, and our office is right down the hall from the Student Health Clinic on campus, and I did not want to get sick and take this crap home to my family!) And I was also thankful that my son started wanting to say the blessing at dinner! (He's 4.)

Today was my 2nd day, and I said I was thankful for a NEW home, wonderful job (which I just left a dreadful one a few months back, so this is a biggy), and my family & friends (most of whom I've come a lot closer to here recently.)

So here's your challenge: Each day, list something, or a few things you are thankful for! Thanksgiving is coming up in a week and a half, but lets see how much thankfullness we can spread until then!

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