Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Waiting Game...

Still no close, after we were told we should have our approval Monday, Oct 26th and be able to close that same day. I sent 3 emails in the past 24 hours asking for a timeframe or update, and got no response. I call and am able to get through, though she sounds ticked off to even hear from me, and I just get a flat, rather rude no to my questions, no additional info, but then she says, “oh wait, there is something…” She says they need the contract from our current home sale notarized—IT IS notarized, are they blind? And before we turned the contract in to them, she told us it didn't need to be notarized, just signed, but we went ahead and had it notarized anyways... So she’ll check with them and call us back… so the waiting game continues.

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