Monday, October 5, 2009

Scheduled: Final Walk Through

Well, the sellers were supposed to finish up the repairs & hopefully the cleaning over the weekend. Our final walk through/carpet measure will be Friday! Less than 2 weeks until closing! We're almost home!

Over the weekend: we packed up both of the kids rooms almost completely. Got rid of the toddler furniture & got Andrew's new matress w/ some batman and transformer sheets. Hit the jackpot this weekend- we have a Blockbuster store right by the house that is closing, and we  found some transformer room decor for next to nothing (another large wall sticker for $3.99- mind you I paid $20 a piece for the others...), some other little wall decals for a couple bucks, and an Optimus Prime bobble head.

And even in all the crazy packing clutter, I managed to clean the house up somewhat... swept the floors, straightened the rooms as well as I could, and cleaned the kitchen & bathrooms, which all really needed it!

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