Thursday, October 8, 2009

One More Week...

We are almost there... and it seems like everything is crumbling around us... I just hope we make it to close on time! It has been 5 days since they switched processors on us, and I still haven't heard from her other than the initial "they switched processors" email shen sent... so after sending 3 emails, calling 4 times & leaving a voice mail once, I called customer service... the lady I spoke with promised to deliver the message to my processor personally. She said she's probably still learning the file, but being a week away from closing, she needs to get in touch with me to make sure we are on track... Yup, that's what I said! LOL Gave her my work number, said I'd be here until 5:00 pm... I hope to get a returned phone call today, but I was just glad I was able to talk to a HUMAN.

On to the next negative attribute to our situation... my brakes on my car are bad. All 4 pads & rotors, we're talking $700... they had to flush the line b/c they got so hot the brake fluid boiled... yes boiled. And I wouldn't be so livid had I not just had it in at the dealership 2-3 weeks ago for a full service, including... drum roll please... a brake inspection! There is no way they even looked at my brakes, b/c this couldn't have been overlooked. I'm on my way home yesterday, and all of a sudden my brakes start grinding horribly... I thought I noticed a small grinding sound that morning, but I mean this was terrible. So we took it some where close- the dealership is 30 minutes away... just to find out $700 that we don't need to spend right now is going to have to go towards our one and only vehicle that gets me and my kids from point A to B. Great. B-e-a-u-tiful.

I'm currently in contact with the dealership via email- I called and he said if we had brought it to him he would have taken care of it, had it been their screw up... told him we had to take it somewhere close, it was too dangerous to drive that far... he said he would have paid to have it towed... well it's too late for that now ding dong, the other place is half way done! I've emailed him & the owner, I really think they need to do something to rectify this situation... b/c it wouldn't have gotten this bad if they'd have just done their job.

UPDATE: My emails were ignored by the dealership regarding my breaks... didn't bother to persue it further, and so life goes on.

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