Thursday, October 29, 2009

Our Home Improvement To Do List

So I can barely sit still waiting on our lender's response (still). So I'm going to put together our to do list for (hopefully) this weekend once we close:

1. Paint Ella's Room, touchup Andrew's Room & Master Bed Room (Fri night & Sat)
2. "Remodel" front porch steps
3. Attach back deck to house (yeah that'd be a good idea...)
4. Replace Shower Heads
5. Replace bathroom fan
6. Program new garage door openers
7. Put up security system signs & decals
8. Change out door hardware
9. Tack down floor trim that has started to come up
10. Fix Ella's Closet Door
11. Patch whole in master bedroom from door nob
12. Install door stops...
13. Touch up any paint as needed
14. Install Programmable Thermostat
15. Install dryer vent
16. Install new double light switch in master bath
17. Install gutter run off tubing
18. Install basement door threshold seal
19. Install new ceiling fan in kitchen (before Adam hits his head...)
20. Carpet is being delivered next Thursday... Store furniture from bedrooms & living room in garage so we don't have to pay installers to move it...

And lastly, 21. Clean old house so buyer can move in.

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