Monday, October 19, 2009

Nightmare Timeline

So I've pulled my emails and items I've faxed, and created a timeline of this monsterous nightmare with B of A. They switched processors on us less than 2 weeks before our original scheduled close, and it has been rediculous ever since, and has just totally screwed us. I have had to resend things, and have received conflicting information left and right. We have a 7 day extension to close - so by Thursday.

October 2nd: Received email from Lori Smith stating she’d be taking over our account, and would like to have a chance to speak with me for a few moments. Respond to email.

October 5th: Send Lori an update- still no response since initial email October 2nd.

October 6th: Sending Lori another email, still no response. Leave phone message to return call.

October 8th: Still no communication from Lori since the initial email she sent Oct 2nd. Call customer service, they leave her a physical message. Realtor has also emailed originator (Kevin Barton) who has also left her a message asking her to touch base with me. Also, I sent her another email update regarding gift.

October 9th: Finally receive proof that Lori exists with an email outlining that we need to provide MORE documentation for the underwriters—we are 6 days away from our contract scheduled closing. Go to Alfa Insurance to sign loan documents. Receive phone call from Alfa that she did get in touch Lori (before I did) and had faxed over the insurance information to her.

October 12th: Receive the bank statement from my dad a little late on our end- sent it over right away at 9:44 am. Dad found it a little redundant to need a bank statement for a cashier’s check, so he didn’t send it initially thinking that check was as good as cash.

October 13th: Statement from father did not have name/address info- got a corrected statement, and sent it to Lori 1:55 p.m.

October 14th: Emailed Lori asking if we were on track to close on time: Oct 15 @ 5PM according to our purchase contract.

October 14th: (1 day before scheduled closing—Sellers arrive today from out of State) Receive forward from Realtor (who emailed others since I had not heard from processor again) that Loan Originator does not have an update from processor yet, attorney has left numerous messages/emails as well regarding the loan status to close on time.

October 14th: At 8:20 pm I receive another required FHA document to sign, that I had already sent once before. NOTE: I received this document AGAIN on October 19 to sign and fax back…

October 15th: Receive word from processor they will not make closing. Need to ask for extension. Informs me that FHA loans take anywhere from 45-60 days to process- our application date was August 23rd. Receive 7 day extension for closing.

October 15th: Receive an email from Kevin that they are waiting on 2 more 3rd party items and are hoping to have everything ready by Friday (October 16).

October 16th: Receive email from Lori stating they have received everything they needed (insurance {had already been sent once Oct 9th, this was the 2nd time sending it} & employment verification for Adam). I emailed her back that we did receive the extension. Receive another email back with yet another required FHA document (termite letter) that needs my signature.

October 16th: Email is sent at 7:30 am to Realtors & attorney’s office that they need 48 hours. I receive the same information from lender, after already being told by realtor, that they are expediting the file and it will take 48 hours.

October 19th: Receive email from realtor asking when we can reschedule closing. Email Lori for update. Receive forward from Trudie (still no direct response from Lori) that they STILL have the final conditions to sign off on and it will take MINIMUM 48 hours but she will TRY to expedite my file. (Friday they were expediting the file, and it was to take 48 hours from that point- according to her email, there was no indication nothing would happen until Monday.) She even told me she’d be in the office Saturday if I needed her…

Also, she sent an email to me & the agents stating she needed more documents signed (NOTE entry from October 14th- it was this same document.) She also stated she had emailed the attorney to send her the insurance information that she had told me she had already received on October 16th. This would be the 3rd time of her obtaining the insurance information again.

As of 4:35 pm still no response to my email sent this morning or realtor email sent this afternoon... inquired on when items were sent to underwriters, as we were told 48 hours Friday morning, and she said she had everything... apparently between then and now she lost some things, b/c she needed more things sent to her this morning, and said it'd be minimum 48 hours from today... we need to reschedule closing asap, as we only had a 7 day extension from last Thursday.

October 27: Still no close, after we were told we should have our approval Monday, Oct 26th and be able to close that same day. I sent 3 emails in the past 24 hours asking for a timeframe or update, and got no response. I call and am able to get through, and just get a flat no to my questions, no additional info, but then she say, “oh wait, there is something…” She says they need the contract from our current home sale notarized—IT IS notarized, are they blind? So she’ll check with them and call us back…

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