Thursday, October 15, 2009

3 hours and counting... and still waiting!

3 hours until closing... and we're still waiting on the lender... I just had to call the attorney's office to give them the insurance agent's info - apparently they & the lender both still need that... UGH. And waiting on word from the lender- we're hanging on an employment verification... Adam's old company told them the wrong termination date... he left there in March of 08, but they said December of 07... wrong again. So again, we're waiting on the lender. We started this process back in August, and this is rediculous. This stuff should have been done weeks ago.

I'm scheduled to leave work at 4:00 so I can get the cashier's check (need to know how much- again waiting on the lender...) and make it to the attorneys office to close- I HOPE.

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