Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My New Flat Iron Arrived!

So I had to order a new flat iron. My old one finally crapped out after 3 good years. My husband got it for me for Christmas our 2nd year of marriage, and it's been great- I've used it probably every day near about since then, and it did it's service. But the other day it blew- literally. Popped, sparked, and reaked of electrical smoke- unplugged very fast, and never plugged it back in. So I went to Sally Beauty's website to find a new one, and it came yesterday! I used it this morning and this thing is amazing... after all it's use the old one had gotten to where it took 15-20 minutes to straighten my hair, the new one takes less than 10! It had great reviews so I figured what the heck, and this one looks like it will keep my hair nice and straight for another 3 years (or more...)

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