Thursday, October 1, 2009

New Home Update

So it's about time for an update... we've almost gotten the lenders everything they need... I will never do this again - not kidding... We will either live in this house until we die or we will live in an old people's home!

All I have left to get them is the gift info from dad, proof of insurance on the house (which my insurance agent is getting everything together), & provide proof of cash to close (got my annual leave payout from the old job yesterday, woot!) Seriously hope they don't ask for anything else...

So I spoke with the insurance agent today- she is going out to take pictures of the house. Also she did tell us we'll have to get a different type of policy on Benton (our current home we're selling on contract.) So she's putting together a quote on both houses & car insurane, b/c we'll get a discount. We'll see if it comes out cheaper than our current car insurance, eh?

I have just recently sold a few items on craigslist and am very proud of my success. So far I've made $175 on the things the kids have outgrown, and that we needed to get rid of before we moved. I've gotten rid of Andrew's toddler furniture (all of it!), all of Ella's old clothes that she's outgrown (accept her summer stuff b/c it's still warm enough during the day for most of it), and the baby Exersaucer! Still trying to get rid of an infant swing, walker, carseat,  all of Andrew's old baby clothes, bottles, and a jumperoo. More money to use on the new house! Woo hoo!

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