Wednesday, October 14, 2009

After all that... we're back on schedule

So the attorney's office was able to get another attorney to cover for them... we're back on schedule for tomorrow, 10/15 at 5:00. Fingers crossed that nothing else goes off track. Just called B of A and spoke with someone in customer service, who left a message for my processor, who was on a long lunch when my loan isn't done and we're supposed to close tomorrow (LOL), and she also spoke with her manager... I hope her manager notices how much this processor has not been in close contact with us... we've been left hanging up to one day before closing on the status of our loan, and we need to know how much $$$ to bring to closing.

But if all goes as plan, we'll be going by the home depot this weekend to start fixing up our new home! On the agenda: painting Ella's room, securing the back deck, running cable, fixing up some little things like the trim that has started to come up with the house being empty for so long.

And one day next week, probably Thursday, CARPET! Then the following weekend: MOVING DAY!

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