Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Screaming with Impatience

So the attorney needs to move closing... to either tomorrow or Monday. Well, I'm all for tomorrow if the lender can get it together. We are ready! Monday, does not work for me. I was counting on this weekend to paint Ella's room before the new carpet & the move... and they are NOT screwing me on this. The sellers are coming from out of town- in fact they were supposed to get in today, so I'm hoping they also would rather do Wednesday, than have to stick around until Monday... realtor said it shouldn't be a problem with us switching the utilities until Thursday since that was the original date & we can't do it until then b/c we both have to work. Plus we told our buyer we'd be most of the way out by the 30th so he could have his new furniture delivered... Now if B of A can just get their arses together, lets get this over with already!

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