Saturday, January 2, 2010

2009 in Review

So this past year was a big one! Ella turned 1 and Andrew turned 4. We got a new dob, Bubbles. I got a new job and we bought a new house. We moved and painted all in 2 days - it was a big job. Since moving in at the very end of October, we've painted 3 rooms, put in new carpet (which delayed us from really moving all the way in for an extra week...) We had to get a few new pieces of furniture to fill the much larger space we had acquired (kitchen nook, pantry, and some "new" living room furniture.) I managed to get us most of the way moved in by Christmas, which was a lot of work, but a goal well met.  And we have a lot planned for the year ahead!



Clear to say the last 2 months of 2009 were our biggest...
Oct 31: Moving Day/Painting Day #1 (3 bedrooms)
Nov 1: Painting Day #2
Nov 2: Touch up painting...
Nov 4: Attempted Paint removal (sink clog)
Nov 5: Carpet Installation (Living room & 3 bedrooms)
Nov 6 & 7: Finished moving all the way into the house since the carpet was in... put furniture in the right place, started unpacking boxes... Put up laundry room shelves. Hung curtains.
Nov 14 & 15: More unpacking... hung pictures.
Nov 23: Started Christmas decorating (We were pretty much all moved in!)
December: The last month, once we were basically unpacked (within a month, record  timing!) and decorated, was devoted to Christmas shopping, family, and a few more purchases towards our home, but no major improvements... Got our new nook & kitchen pantry (before Christmas... just in time for Christmas brunch with mine and hubby's family.) The goal was to have the house livable by Christmas (by my higher standard & definition...) and that's what happened!

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