Thursday, January 7, 2010

We're On Hold...

So right now, home improvement is on hold. We're waiting on 2 things: my father-in-law is financing our fence, so we're waiting on him to give the go ahead there, which he had said after the New Year, but he's dealing with some medical issues right now, so we're being patient... and we are currently paying off balances on the Home Depot, Best Buy, and Big Lots credit cards from the move and Christmas... so once those are paid off (all same as cash deals!) we'll be back on track. So they'll be paid off no later than income tax season (so hopefully by March...) and then we'll be ready to tackle some of the big projects in the works this year... the two biggest of which are refinishing the basement & painting... LOTS of painting! So if you don't hear much from me on the home improvement and renovation side for a while, don't worry... I'll be back! I'll try to keep everyone posted with anything we do around the house, but it won't be anything big for at least 2 months... :(

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