Friday, December 18, 2009

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas!

So we didn't do as much decorating this year b/c of the move... but we did some! I got some new items from a lady at work - 2 bins full for $50... pretty good deal! This included the snowman collection atop my book case, the holder for the Christmas cards hanging on the door, the snowman door nob hanger on the door, the HO HO HO blanket & teddy bears in the rocker, and more that's isn't pictured... Our tree is 3 years old, we bought it when we moved into our old house - we said next year we want a bigger one, b/c it looks a lot smaller in this big house! But we got it from Big Lots for $25. Our Nativity was a gift from hubby's grandma. Our stockings came from the Family Dollar 4 years ago, accept the pig one bought this year for the baby, we got it at Big Lots. And most of our tree decorations came from hubby's grandma or were gifts over the years.

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