Wednesday, December 2, 2009

First December Weekend Plans

So hubby's weekend starts tomorrow. His dad is coming over to help him around the house... not sure what all they are going to do... but as for my weekend plans, I'll be putting up the outdoor Christmas lights, cleaning up the kitchen (gotta get all the pantry food consilidated to as little boxes as possible) so that when our new kitchen nook arrives (hopefully next week) we'll have room for it! We may go to Home Depot this weekend to get the materials for the pantry. Hubby & I are also going to put up the new curtain track on Saturday for the family room curtains. They are up with a regular curtain rod, but it's kinda hard to get out the door. So I ordered a track so we can slide them  back and forth a lot easier... 

Also on the agenda is to finish cleaning out the boxes in the garage (and hopefully finding my Nativity Set and Fiberoptic Angel) and hopefully next week I can actually start parking in my garage! I hope hubby gets to the basement this weekend - we moved the old TV cabinet down there, so he needs to get it put in place and get the basement back oragnized (and sweep up his mess from the holes he drilled for the security system...)

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