Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Early Christmas Present

So as I had mentioned previously, we got one Christmas present early (hubby's, even though he says it's for all of us... LOL) It was on sale after Thanksgiving, so we went ahead and got it. We also went to Big Lots for the TV stand so it'd have a place to sit... So this is hubby's new favorite toy... I like it as well, though I didn't see a problem with our old TV (if it's broke, don't fix or replace it!) But it has a new place downstairs for when we fix up the basement for entertainment space...

My "early Christmas present" is the kitchen nook, but it's still in boxes... hopefully it will be assembled by the weekend. The rest of the presents (minus one giftcard I'm waiting for in the mail...) are wrapped and under the tree (or hidden in the closet or attic -- "Santa" gifts.) Two more weeks until Christmas, and I can hardly wait! I love Christmas morning even more now that I have kids to watch get all excited when they see the gifts under the tree...


  1. What an exciting early gift! I can't wait to see that nook when it's in place :).

  2. I need an early gift in my house too:)...Always a nice addition to the living room