Monday, December 21, 2009

I'm in Love...

So we made our trip to Ikea this weekend, and this was my first time every going there... our Ikea is 1 hour away in Atlanta, not a trip we make a lot... but I am in love! I want an Ikea in our area sooo bad! I know you can order online, but their shipping costs are through the roof, and it's just not the same as going in that amazing store! But we got the pantry, and it will be fully put together tonight -- hopefully! I will get it stocked, and the kitchen will be almost put back together -- still eliminating a mouse or two, so our pots, pans, and tupperwear are strewn about... But I will post pictures soon! Finally... after almost 2 months, I can get my kitchen the rest of the way out of boxes! Woo hoo!

So the pantry doesn't match the kitchen - wrong stain... but it met the other 2 criteria - under $300 and made of real wood... I can always restain it or paint it later... in fact I'd like to reno the kitchen cabinets and paint them either white, and paint the walls a light green... of course this will be a future project, EXTREME future, but for now, it's functional and it will do the trick... I was just glad to get a sturdy piece of furniture, not made of particle board, in our price range! I heart Ikea.

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