Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Picture Delay...

So last night I actually managed to sit and upload pictures to my computer... then tried to upload them to Facebook, ran into issues, and gave up... so at work right now I don't have the pictures I was planning on having to create my Christmas Decorations post... and unless I get time in the evenings or this weekend, which is highly doubtful, they won't get posted for a while...

So hubby has given up on building a pantry, b/c even if we bought the stuff this weekend, he couldn't start on it right away, and we'd like to have our kitchen cleaned up before Christmas... so I found a decent armoire at Ikea, and if we can't find anything at the local used furniture stores, we'll stop by the Ikea in Atlanta when we go up this weekend to the family Christmas party (b/c it costs more to ship the dern thing that the thing actually costs...) $279 for shipping! But there's is actually made out of real wood, not composite board, and it's under $300... sooo it wins if we can't find something else. After hubby picks me up from work, we're going to run by Salvation Army, and a few other local shops that sell used furniture and see what we might dig up... Maybe I'll have a project ahead of me, but for now I just want to put my food away!!!

UPDATE: To Ikea we go... the thrift stores were a bust, and the weather is too nasty to try to hit a few more stores tonight... so tomorrow either before or after the family get together we'll run by Ikea and pick up the above armoire for $229, which is not bad for real wood. The local Mission wanted $250 for a beat up used one... HA!

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