Friday, March 12, 2010

We're Baaack!

So the good news is hubby was only out of work 4 days (by the grace of God - there's no other explanation seeing as the average person is out of work 600 days with the economy!) He got back on out at the base, and he's happy to be back out there - he prefers the atmosphere & the schedule... he's back on M-F from 7:30-4:30-- no more Sunday's! Woot! He took a small pay cut, so we went from "comfortable" to "just fine". So the home improvements may continue, but at a slower rate... No more charging up 3 cc's at once! LOL So we have to pay off the one we have a balance on now before we do something else. We bought surround sound for the big ol' TV (that we no longer have HD cable for... *sigh*) and once it's paid for, we're looking at getting a new recliner for hubby (the padding has deteriorated on the one he has, and you can feel the edge of the wood on your back... not comfy.) We're looking at a chair and 1/2 recliner at Big Lots. :)

So the basement (which will go on the Home Depot card) is going to be set back a few months... our original starting point was March... but seeing as it is March, that's kinda out the window! So maybe by June or July, we'll cross our fingers!

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