Monday, March 1, 2010

Someone threw a rock into my gears... or whatever that saying is!

Welp, clear to say the basement and several other things are going to be put off for quite a while... hubby lost his job last week... he may have something lined up - he's waiting to hear from a contractor on base that he interviewed with on Friday, and it went very well - he had said he just had to talk to his boss for the final say so, and he'd call him today... 4:39 and still waiting.

But even with this new job we'll be shorter on cash... This job may not pay as well, and most likely won't do 6 month raises, and we'll have to buy another truck (we sold the one we had when he got that job b/c he had a company vehicle, and the truck just sat in the yard not being driven...) He'll start paying for gas - that was another benefit of the company vehicle - he only put gas in it when he used it for personal reasons - the irony being "personal use of vehicle" being why he was let go *cough* bull crap- they were downsizing the teams, they just found a reason... he was told by a previous supervisor he could use it as long as it was minimal, within city limits, AND he put gas in it... which he did! COX CABLE HAS BAD ETHICS! They just didn't want to pay severance... so they picked a few guys they could dig up anything on and booted them. My hubby didn't have ONE write up... no negative feedback, nothing. Anytime he asked his boss for feedback, he didn't have much to say... he couldn't get any constructive criticism to save his life, or in this case his job. He always got GREAT feedback from customers, and was probably one of the hardest working & ethical techs they had - he wouldn't have driven the van to the chiro if he wasn't under the impression it was okay. They didn't care what his "reason" was, they were going from 3 teams to 2 and this was the easiest way out.

Clear to say if he doesn't get this job, he's on his way to the unemloyment office tomorrow, I've already put the kids back on Peachcare (Thank God for Georgia's healthcare for kids!) and applied for some assistance just in case... If it weren't for my father in law we'd probably risk losing the house we just bought all together, but we're going to make the mortgage and he said he'd help us with the smaller stuff as long as we need it... I'm just glad we have someone in the other house making payments or we'd be double screwed.

We feel pretty confident he'll get this job... I'm just not very patient when it comes to waiting! LOL The guy was supposed to call him today, and if he doesn't Adam will call or go up there with his dad tomorrow. Fingers crossed, prayers said... God will get us through this! We'd been praying for him to get off the Sunday shift... this wasn't exactly what we had in mind, but God answer's prayer in his own way...

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