Friday, September 25, 2009

Chapter 1: Basement - Early Preliminary Planning

Sure it will probably be at least another year before we are able to fully finish the basement... But I'm already spawning idea after idea on how to really liven the place up. First off, the "ceiling" is very low- it's not even a finished ceiling by any means, it's the boards & floor up above. So we can't do a dropped ceiling, it's already dropped enough... We thought about drywalling it, or some kind of board and then painting the board, but then after reading a blog post in "Finish your basement in (ENTER # HERE) easy steps" they had the issue of they'd had plumbing problems, and it would not be even remotely easy to access the pipes if they did this... which was a great point, I hadn't thought of. But here is how they solved it: they didn't add a "real ceiling" persay, instead they painted what was already there, which is a great idea, and solves our little delima perfectly. So that's plan ceiling... I'm thinking a light, cool color. Not 100% white... sometime like Valspar's Bistro White(7006-4):

I also liked the ideas for painting the stairs, and how they did their little bar area in "Finish your basement in (ENTER # HERE) easy steps." I think this home renovator's blog & ideas will help us out a lot.

As for flooring, we're going to go with a natural color, inexpensive 12x12 ceramic tile.

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