Monday, January 10, 2011

Chapter 8: Basement Wall Panel

So we made a trip to Lowe's tonight so we could get some paint for the workshop's final coat, and took a look at the wall panel, and I think I've narrowed it down. We're supposed to get a winter storm tonight, and the schools are all closing, hopefully the university I work for does so I can help with the second coat of paint! :-) The sooner the workshop is done, the sooner hubby can get his tools organized and get started on the rest of the basement, which shouldn't take as long!

But here is the panel I like best at Lowe's, we're going to also check Home Depot to compare options. We want something really light, just not completely white, to brighten the space up, and I actually think we'll be changing our original color scheme to the colors in this image:

We intend to paint the basement floor as a temporary measure until we can afford other flooring, and this blue goes well with the lighter shade we used on the workshop walls, which we finished painting on our "snow day" today. Pictures coming soon!

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